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🏃🏻‍♂️ Maintenance

Maintenance is the process of running daily routines to ensure a system works well. I want my body to function optimally, and I want my skills in absorbing, exploring, and summarizing information to be effective, in order to support the services I've promised to others. So, there are mainly two systems that I'm currently maintaining:

  1. Body health
  2. Information absorption, exploration, and summarization.

体能 (Body healthy)


achieved? goal time method can improve? feedback
体重维持在75kg下 2022-12-31 运动,低糖饮食 yes finish at 2022,keep notice
能跑马拉松,有氧运动能力出色 2023-12-17 运动,每周2-3次,饭后爬山 now is ok keep going
学会自由泳,日常训练1km 2024-06-01 运动,每周1-2次 yes




  • 每周2-3次running 10km (Doing well now)
  • 每周1-2次swimming 1km (Not yet)
  • 每周1次gym (Not yet)
  • Climb moutain after lunch (Doing well now)



  • 坚持不吃糖,如果吃了,记录自己吃过的糖
  • 吃饭按蔬菜,肉,碳水的顺序来吃,并且先吃大量蔬菜
    • 红萝卜(carrot), 西兰花( broccoli ),菠菜( spinach ), 西红柿( tomato ), 西葫芦( zucchini ), 花菜( cauliflower ), 胡萝卜( carrot ), 芦笋( asparagus ), 蘑菇( mushroom ), 豆芽( bean sprouts ), 黄瓜( cucumber ), 青椒( green pepper ), 芹菜( celery ), 豌豆( peas ), 豆角( green beans )等蔬菜
    • 鸡肉( chicken ), 猪肉( pork ), 牛肉( beef ), 羊肉( mutton ), 鸭肉( duck ), 鱼肉( fish ), 虾( shrimp )等蛋白
    • 红薯( sweet potato ), 土豆( potato ), 南瓜( pumpkin ), 面条( noodles ), 米饭( rice ), 馒头( steamed bread ), 面包( bread ), 饼干( biscuit ), 粥( porridge ), 馄饨( wonton ), 水饺( dumpling ), 包子( steamed stuffed bun )等主食



信息(learning , information , cognition)


achieved? goal time method can improve? feedback
🐝 Absorb Enlgish Materials regularly 2023-12-31 input,output yes,I should create a daily routine ?
  1. read a book every week.
  2. Listen to 3 podcast carefully every week (write summary at blog).
  3. Listen 4 podcast get the rough idea every week.
  4. Shadowing 1 audio everyday, correct the pronunciation.