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date: 2023-02-25 22:59


  1. [What]Inteligence Comes from move, transfer, staic things likes stone has no Inteligences, but water with moving may be has Inteligences. Inteligence is a kind of pattern or function, and it can transfer one thing to another.
  2. [Why]It's not peopele design Inteligence to do something, It's something (which has potential energy) let the Inteligence appear.
  3. [Where]It's sounds like Human being is the most complex Inteligence, but it's not.
    1. More Complicated Inteligence is Society. Back to theory 2, It's not Human being designed Society, It's whole Human being's Require, Demands, let the Society appear. It's grow from tribe to group to nation to today's whole world society.
    2. AI Born from There is more efficient solutions to solve problems, the problems('s energy) lead the solutions(AI, or others in future) to appear.
    3. Company is also a inteligence, it's drive by specify demands, compounds of people, team, resources, and so on.
  4. [How1]Inteligence's Basic Element is
    1. Potential energy (why inteligence exists)
    2. Pattern (the form maybe service, organization, solutions, product, company , organism and so on. all about how to make the move, the perfect inteligence is the straight way make the move).
  5. [How2]Inteligence's Bacis Purpose is
    1. survive(let self exist)
    2. expand(let self be great exist,to absorb more resources,energy)

If you want to know a inteligence, you should know it's potential energy, the pattern may be change ,the energy is always the same.

  • Is apple a good company? first you need find the potential energy, It's probably comes from People's demand of mobile work, mobile entertainment, mobile communication, and so on. and Then you need find is it the best solutions.
  • Find energy is more and more important and find a pattern, the high potential energy need less pattern you need to build example:
    • People need eat. but less need clothes.
    • GFW make a super high potential energy difference, it's makes a lot easy pattern exists.
    • Traditional Education also made a high potential energy difference, People spend much more time on meaningless education(It's meanful sometimes, it's made so many verified and filtered great worker to support old production relations), but more straight pattern now appears, like self-education, straight get to work, and so on. internet make new pattern possible.

Think as a artificial inteligence

  1. both human and AI are neural network, they has no basic diference. only scale, complexity's diference.
  2. human's ability is more comes from train (not only school stuty, it's just you learn from all the things you see, hear, touch, and so on), so you can also be the Olympic champion, or the best programmer, or the best singer, or the best painter, or the best writer, or the best anything you want to te.
  3. But, the most important thing is you need to train. train to learn , train to speak, train to build solutions, the more you partake in, the more ability you will get.

Self Training

  1. time is the most important thing, stick on it.
  2. known where the potiential energy difference comes from.
  3. more pattern