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Read One Summer America 1927

#time: 2023-11-19 09:38

This place is for record the book One Summer America 1927's reading notes. One Summer America 1927 is a book written by Bill Bryson.

I will note every thing that i don't know for help me learn English.

Chapter 0 Prologue

ON A WARM spring evening just before Easter 1927, people who lived in tall buildings in New York were given pause when wooden scaffolding around the tower of the brand-new Sherry-Netherland Apartment Hotel caught fire and it became evident that the city’s firemen lacked any means to get water to such a height.

In this place i have some unknown words:

  • prologue: a book's preface information
  • were given pause: were made to stop, here means
  • became evident: became clear
  • lacked any means: did not have any way

Crowds flocked to Fifth Avenue to watch the blaze, the biggest the city had seen in years.

  • flocked: moved or came together in large numbers
  • blaze: a large fire

At 38 stories, the Sherry-Netherland was the tallest residential building ever erected, and the scaffolding – put there to facilitate the final stages of construction – covered the top fifteen storeys, providing enough wood to make a giant blaze around its summit.

  • storeys, confusing to story(stories),
    • Story (Singular): Refers to a narrative, account, or tale. For example, "She told a story about her travels."
    • Stories (Plural): Refers to more than one narrative or level of a building. For example, "The book contains multiple stories," or "The building has multiple stories."
  • facilitate: to make something possible or easier
  • erected: ED
  • summit: here is not means meeting, it's means the top of a mountain or hill

From a distance, the building looked rather like a just-stuck match.

  • match here is not means compare or competition, it's means a stick to make fire.

Two pilot

The big fire on the building apartment reduce the heat of Two Pilots, They are doing a legendary challenge flight, they want to break the record of the longest flight. also it's not only competation of personal, it's also some kind of competation between countries. America as the aviation birth place, now is behind the Europe.

About how they archieve this challenge, the most important part said by one of the pilot Chamberlin was control the fuel only let the airplane just stay in the air. The stay at air time is 51 hours eventually and far more than the record.

They had welcomed by crowds of people, when they landed, the 2 pilot was very thirsty, and tired, by the fault of the groud crew who forget to bring water to them, the didn't drink water for 2 days. anyway the flight is so successful, The New York Time has reported them and said they are very hope to fly to Paris.