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try to solve my distraction problem

date: 2022-12-03 16:35

I spent so much time on meanless things. so i'm trying to contorl it , reduce it. here is the record page.

What's the problem

The appearance is that :

  • I spent many time on read ,search news, new informations

the reason i do that:

  • some informations make me happy, like useful tools, valuable thoughts, that's very little, but when i found i ,i feel very satisfied.
  • it's cheap, i only need to click link, open page then i get it.
  • what i want to do is hard, especially when i didn't get sleep well, i have no strength to do it , i refuse to do it.
  • i didn't control well my sleep, usually sleep too late.

How can i measure it

i first use macos's builtin Screen Time tracking function , and use a chrome extion to tracking website.

i write a table to trace and stats it:

item time/status is reasonable how to improve
weibo,v2ex,youtube,zhihu time ?
youtube exception item
sleep time last night ? ? ?
first thing morning ? ? ?
first thing working ? ? ?
fixed surfing time ? ? ?
blank time ? ? ?

measure logs of 2022-12-03

item time/status is reasonable how to improve
weibo,v2ex,youtube,zhihu time 3hour no do as my schedule, especially FIRST THING rule
youtube exception item 0 - -
sleep time last night 7hour no,too late get ready at 11:00 PM
first thing morning not started ? ?
first thing working not started ? ?
fixed surfing time not today ? ?
blank time 10 min fine, meditation success broken my distriction meditation , do nothing at home 20 min

measure logs of 2022-12-05

item time/status is reasonable how to improve
weibo,v2ex,youtube,zhihu time 2hour no,but less than before, still a good step less , less
youtube exception item 1 yes, watch IELTS video -
sleep time last night 6hours 47mins it's ok, i had done a workout, body is exciting, and i also get a camera to monitor what i will do when i sleeping, so , it's a little late get ready at 11:00 PM
first thing morning yes yes, i prevent me serval times to see the new informations ?
first thing working yes first to writle a micro log today first thing: dayly routine
fixed surfing time 0 ? ?
blank time 0 no meditation after lunch


  • I usually get distracted
    • the first thing i do in moring is go through the news and chats that's a bad habit
      • first thing in morning change to get myself ready to out.
      • the first thing when i start to work changed to do planmed routine
        • plan my daily routine
    • didn't sleep well
      • schedule sleep time at 11:00 PM.
      • tracking why i sleep late , not push myself so hard this time. just tracking.
    • valuable information makes me happy
      • restrict the time of get new information, maybe 2 day 2 hour?, focus on the topic that i'm intrested, and write summary of the information i get.
    • often feel tired
      • schedule time to rest(example: sunday afternoon to play with child)
      • make a blank time , like shit time with no cellphone, meditation time(meditation is good, the point i start write this, is from meditation), alone time .

正如我在 My logs 中提到的,我花了很多时间在毫无意义的事情上。 所以我试图控制它,减少它。 这是记录这一切的地方。



  • 我花了很多时间阅读、搜索新闻、新信息


  • 有些信息让我开心,比如有用的工具,有价值的想法,那是很少的,但是当我找到我时,我感到非常满足。
  • 它很简单便宜,我只需要点击链接,打开页面就可以了。
  • 我想做的事很难,特别是当我没有睡好,我没有力气做的时候,我拒绝做。
  • 我没有很好地控制自己的睡眠,经常睡得太晚。


我首先使用 macos 的内置屏幕时间跟踪功能,并使用 chrome 扩展来跟踪网站。


item 时间/状态 是否合理 如何改进
微博、v2ex、youtube、知乎时间 ?
youtube 例外项目
昨晚的睡眠时间 ? ? ?
早上第一件事 ? ? ?
工作的第一件事 ? ? ?
固定上网时间 ? ? ?
空白时间 ? ? ?


  • 我经常分心
    • 我早上做的第一件事就是去浏览新闻,新讯息,那是个坏习惯
      • 早上第一件事就是换衣服,让自己做好出门的准备。
      • 当我开始工作时的第一件事,改为做有计划的例行公事
        • 计划我的日常例程
    • 没睡好
      • 安排晚上 11:00 的睡眠时间。
      • 跟踪为什么我睡得很晚,不逼自己。 只是跟踪。
    • 有价值的信息让我开心
      • 限制获取新信息的时间,也许是 2 天 2 小时?,专注于我感兴趣的主题,并写下我获得的信息的摘要。
    • 经常感到疲倦
      • 安排休息时间(例如:星期天下午和孩子一起玩)
      • 设置些空白的时间,比如没有手机的拉屎时间,冥想时间(冥想很好,我开始写这篇文章的重点是冥想),独处时间。