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Some notes on English


important things:

  • say the subject first, then describe it
    • I see a girl, with long black hair
    • She eat a carrot that I bought yeasterday
  • stress the important words.
  • control the speed, don't speak too fast. make sure I can
  • express the thought process, when I am thinking, tell others to hold on, wait a second.


  • he wearing a mask
  • the thing that xx

What I Mispronounced

  • specific
  • lauch, lunch
  • thing, sing, scene
  • top
  • spontaneous
  • ant
  • clear
  • really, family
  • kind
  • leg


group type symbol
vowel front vowels i, ɪ, e, ɛ, æ
vowel back vowels u, ʊ, o, ɑ,ɔ
vowel central vowels ʌ,ə
vowel combined vowels ɑi, ɑʊ, ɔɪ