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A Walk In The Wood

Chapter 0

The call of the wild

Bill Bryson was moving to a new town, near the town there is a path sign tell that there is a famous trail called AT, Bill call it the granddaddy of long-distance hikes.

AT was 2100 miles long, from America's eastern coast to Appalachian Mountains, Especially virgina protion across fourteen states, it's so wild and full of plump hills, looks very relax, most people will can't insist to go there, and Bill's town is the middle of the on the trail full of dangerous but attracted much peoples.

Bill give himself some reasons to hike the trail:

  • fit after years of boring work
  • learn from the wild (I think he is not really, he just want something to boast about)
  • And global warming, the trail will be changed in the future, many lives was died. and there will be more in the future.

honestly, I think one the first one is part of his real reason, the most impotantly , he is just curious and what to try something new and special, especially dangerous.

anyway, he is decide to go.

Surprise from others

He heared lots of horrible(grue) stories from his friends, include bears, bobcats, poison, or get in trouble unconsciously, the woods were full of danger.

there is some stories:

  • a men pee in the midnight swooped by a owl, the scalp was dangling against the moon.
  • a snake peeked into a women's warm sleep bag
  • campers and bears share tents.
  • people suddenly vaporized by bolt lightning.
  • tents crushed by huge tree
  • swept away by flash flood
  • shaking ground

and there is full of diseases with no cure , the mosquitos will kill you or let you stay in a chair. the virus. muders.

and it's was not all time in a year is suitable for hike, most people hike from south to north in spring。 it will take 5 month to walk the trail end to end.

it's a long way of trail, The AT is not the highest but it's big enough, with continous moutains. you can cross 50 snowdens just in a week.

the equipment