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Wired bonds
2024-2-26 10:36

Despite high inflation expectations, Treasury bond yields are declining, possibly due to risk aversion-driven demand before PCE release. This is evident as the stock market drops and short-term yields rise back today, while long-term yields still fall.

How to rough estimate TLT price change from treasury yield change
2024-2-17 21:18

TLT price ~= Treasury yield change

example: US 20-year treasury yield change from 4.4% to 4.3%,

  • treasury yield change : 4.4 - 4.3 = 0.1, change =0.1/4.4 = 2.27%
  • TLT price change ~= 2.27%
Poem from Tahrez
2024-1-22 16:12

Let warring ways be banished from the world.

Let justice everywhere its carpet throw.

May Friendship reconcile ancient hatreds.

May Love grow from the seed of love we sow.

Fuck the Low Mood
2024-1-17 16:17

Forgive me, God, or whatever you are. Whether you forgive me or not, I don't care.

What I should do:

  • Train, do my best to improve myself, no matter how hard it is, I can do it!
  • Rest, this is part of training, do it!
  • Create, build the list, finish the list!
Pure consumption leads to my anxiety
2024-1-17 16:03

I'm somewhat down today. A high amount of listening has made me not want to do anything. I'm tired!

I need some change.

Family Guy
2024-1-12 11:32

Can't wait to announce that I'm a fans of the animated sitcom Family Guy.

Listening The Daily's "The Afterlife of a gun"
2024-1-10 12:59

What happens to guns that nobody wants any more?

In U.S. police departments, many firearms are kept from confiscations, buyback programs, and other sources. There are usually 2 ways to dispose of them:

  • melt it down
  • destroy it by blowtorch or sledgehammer

But what people commonly don't know is that a company called Gun Busters provides a free service. They will destroy the gun by just destroying one piece like the receiver or the frame (which is allowed by law). However, the problem is that the gun isn't fully destroyed. They also sell the materials to others, and these materials can be used to make new guns.

I will Never! Never! Never forgive those who start and support the war!
2024-1-10 9:59

In just one second, a little boy lost his mother in Gaza. There are thousands of unseen tragedies in the war.

Explore, from exhausted to satisfied
2024-1-7 16:54



于是我拿着赔偿款可以够一够next level的耳机了,看评测,发现舒适度排行第一的耳机Sony WH CH720n, 索尼的无线耳机xm4我买过,重,不舒适,降噪虽强但是极度不适应,所以出了,这个720号称是索尼最轻的包头耳机,于是我决定给他一个机会。

已经等了两三天了,我不想再等了,京东769次日达,淘宝海外自营679,2天后达 当然是选便宜的,本来下单了,看到了同城自提只有10km,又心痒了,没骑一会,大货车呼啸带过来的灰尘让我想起一句话:“不要花时间在低于自己时间价值的事情上”,一个闪送三十块,干嘛要自己去取。来都来了只能硬着头皮去继续骑,只能安慰自己我是在体验贫穷,好让我知道没钱是多么艰难。出了绕城,来到一片工地包围的写字楼,终于拿到了货。命运的齿轮开始转动,心情从最低谷开始上升。



Happy New Year!
2024-1-1 1:43

Just came back from the New Year's Countdown Activity. 2023 is gone, the past year is full of loving memories. Thanks to all the people who have come into my life, with your love, I have the courage to face the unknown future. I love you all.

In 2024, I will do my best to love, love my family, love myself, love my friends, love the world.

The end, try other lists...