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My Study of Cognitive psychology


I'm currently read the book: "Cognitive Psychology for Dummies", What I want to get from this book:

Part 1 Getting Started with cognitive psychology

Cognitive Psychology is a science of study mental abilities and processes about knowing. Interested in all the things that people preceiving, attending to, remembering, reasoning, problem solving, decision making , reading and speaking.

The structure of cognitive psychology is the following:

How Cognitive Psychology do researching?

Main areas that cognitive psychology investigates:

There are some limitations of human psychology that can cause problems, Example: the road tunnel opened in the Netherlands connecting Schiphol and Amsterdam result was a higher rate of traffic accidents. that's because the tunnel had a tapered design, brain's visual systems think the exit being father away, but in fact not. when the driver cross the exit, the car's speed is much high, so the driver had suddently slow down then cause the accident.

A example to use the brain's storage mechanism to reduce tragedy harms: Because brain's long term storage need sleep to lays down the memory, so preventing a person from sleeping in the aftermath of a traumatic event may reduce the subsequent harmful pychological effects. on the contrary if you engaged in important learning , it's better to take good sleep. not try to use the sleep time to holding the Buddha's feet.

Before we finally read the book, we can get some techniques to improve our academic or learning skill:

1. Engaging your perception and attention

2. Improving your learning and memory

3. Polishing up your Reading and Writhing skills

How to Improving Reading

How to Improving Writing

4. Using your thinking powers more Effectively

Part 3 Memory

Long Term Memory

Long Term Memory is all the things you remember and know, such as skill, events, facts, words.

The processing allows you to remember information for a long time is memory process, there is a frame work called levels of processing framework can help us learn things, there are three levels of processing:

How to classifying Long-term memories, that is the structure:

how you Storing Long-term memories:

  1. Stabilisation of the cells in the memory centres of the brain, take minutes or hours
  2. Reorganisation of the parts of the brain , days to months or years

how to enchancing this storing progress:

what will reducing storing progress:

how you retrieval memory: