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My Short thoughts and record 我的碎碎念记录

2023-05-19 US Bank crisis is not over

  1. Bank borrow from FED through BTFP is rise:

  2. They are selling Theasury Securities.(data updates at 2023-05-02, but base on recent days Bonds yields rise, and deposit decline, I think they are continue selling to make liquidity deposit.)

So I guess, the bank crisis is going to emerge again in the nearly future. the Bonds price will going down in short time (cause the banks need sold their bonds to get liquidity) , but when the bank crisis is unmanageable. the fed is going ease rate, the Bonds price will get a good chance to go up.






  1. 尽我所能去避开暴力,
  2. 尽我所能去减少仇恨,先让我自己善待他人,善待自己,坚持立场,帮助需要帮助的人

2023-04-10 怎么保持自己的核心竞争力:

  1. 活的足够久,你自然能掌握到更好的生产力
  2. 活的开心,明月照大江,别让外界影响自己,这是活的足够久的一个保证
  3. 加强自己对本质的东西的理解,Training自己,很多东西不会变的,比如
    • 语言,让你和世界能加强连接的工具
    • 社会分配关系,有人的地方就有江湖,股市也是个大江湖,由更多的人biubiubiu的绑在一起分配资源
  4. 加强连接,既然想从社会分配中摄取资源,就别隐居,广泛参与到各种分工
    • 4.1 知识传播分工,帮助社会智能中的个体更快的发展,普及, 参与各种社区,开源,发帖,评论,吹牛
    • 4.2 资源分配分工,新的有数字货币,老的有股市基金
    • 4.3 参与分工的时候要专业,不要做中下游的节点

2023-03-24 Money is a "Voting Right"

Money is a Voting Right, it's not just a number that you can buy things, it's people's willing of wish you to do something. so invest is vote who can resprent you to do something.

Invest Bond is wish the government to do the right thing like help country grow. invest Nvidia is choose Nvidia as the present of AI infrastructure.

You should choose the best present of the market. judge them as they are a person , a inteligence.

Is Technical sector still the best present of productive ? I think it is. especially at this moment of AI rise.

A respecful older used be very foresighted to proprose the slogan of "Always Represent the advanced productive forces.", I used to think it's just a boring right but meaningless phrase. But now I know how hard to represent productive, how hard to find the pattern of solving the problem, it's so easy to be not even wrong.

Unfortunately, this slogan is not emphasized as much now. However, this slogan is not just a clichéd phrase for results certification, but rather a guiding direction for the iterative process, that is very close to the essence. For a complex intelligent agent, the ultimate goal is to find the optimal path under the potential difference. This slogan is very fundamental, but it is difficult to achieve in practice due to many traps, such as "poorly defined problems, NOT EVEN WRONG, common demand misjudgments, and individual and organizational interests being misaligned" or "precise problem definition, but old models being stubbornly adhered to due to various constraints". Although the optimal path will naturally appears as long as the potential difference exists (and is constantly replaced by competition), But for individuals with limited lifetimes, it is important to focus on whether they represent the optimal path, and not waste time on trivial matters.

2023-03-15 I'm a dumb , 今天傻逼了一回

date: 2023-03-15 12:45

Yesterday, the US stock market rose 2.3%, because of the SVB crisis was solved, and CPI data was as expectated. And the Hongkong stock market is going down yesterday, I think Today the Hongkong market will raise as the US market, so I'm bought XIAOMI back at 11.24(which i sold at 11.56), the price went up in the morning, reaching a high of 11.36, but it soon went down again. I sold at 10.96, and lost about 10k HKD.

I feel angry, sad, and disappointed about myself. I realize that I made a mistake by speculating and gambling on XIAOMI's stock, despite knowing that it was not a good time to hold the company. I bought it simply because the market was rising, without considering the company's situation. Additionally, I lacked the knowledge to analyze the market and made my decision based on intuition alone.

I regret my immaturity and recognize that this is a big mistake that I need to remember in life. Therefore, I am recording it.


  1. I will focus on studying and learning the logic, behavior, and fundamental knowledge of investing. SHARE what I learn in my blog.
  2. Only invest INDEX and BOND , not gamble company price. base on probability. If I don't know the reason and probability, I will Hold CASH (For now the US FUND intrest is about 3%+ , it's a good choice for no risk hold).

昨日美股上涨2.3%,主要因为SVB危机解除,CPI数据在预期中。 而且港股昨天大跌跌,我觉得今天港股会随着美股上涨,所以我在11.24买入小米(前些天我在11.56卖出),今天价格确实上涨最高是11.36 ,但很快就下降。 最后我以10.96 的价格卖出,我损失了大约 10,000 港元,我是个笨蛋:

  1. 这次纯属投机和赌博,我知道小米现在不是持有的好时机,我不相信它会很快恢复,但我买它是因为市场上涨,忽略了公司的情况。
  2. 我只是凭感觉购买,没有一套可以验证的模型和方案。

我对自己感到愤怒、悲伤和失望. 之前我在市场上损失了很多钱,但我并不生气,因为以前我只购买指数并长期持有,逻辑是理性的,定投平均价格迟早会回来(实际也是),但这次我很后悔我的不成熟。 我在对基本逻辑一知半解的情况下,刚了解一些利率知识,就迫不及待地想试试,结果很快打脸。



  1. 注重学习,学习逻辑、行为、道理、基础知识。 分享我学到的东西,并在博客中分享
  2. 只投资INDEX和BOND,不赌公司价格。 基于概率决策,如果我不知道原因和概率,我会Hold CASH(目前美国FUND利息在3%+左右,无风险hold还算不错)。

2023-03-13 Get Feedback

date: 2023-03-13 09:22

Get Feedback is the key to train my self, without feedback, many things may stay Not Even Wrong, Learn in public is a technique to get feedback.

2023-02-22 我和我骄傲的倔强







——Just write some phrase, on the day I finally decided focus on my own practice and dream, not disturbed by the pressure and money.

Stick on a thing is not easy, especially stick on the life, stick on what I believe. But that's give me courage, give me strength, give me confidence and give me happy. I love it, eventhough I'm poor, I'm weak, But, It's me, it's real me.

2023-02-19 From result oriented to process oriented

A big change since me known that I was a neural network likes AI, is trun from result oriented to process oriented. From set a goal and perform it to set a enviorment and set the routine. just try and try, I don't know if it's possiable, I just know it will be possible.

I used to set a goal of lose to 75kg, and list the thing I need todo , like exercise at morning, sleep at 11pm. eventhough I had archieve this goal now, but not by follow my plan, things change a lot, I usually didn't finish my plan and I'm frustrating, sometimes I'm not exercise long time. things change from i just set the time , i need a exercise per 2 days, whatever the exercise is it. running , bicycle , or just squat.

And for the develop app, I have many idea to do, and have so much things to archieve, it's hard to schedule how i can finish it. so i explore and finish a feature and a feature, but it's just so long to the milestone . so I change to just stick time on it. forget the version 1, version 2, I have time, I can make someting in this time. things gonna easy.

20230104 just try whisper

date: 2023-01-04 22:30

yesterday I tried webrtc-vad + baidu asr to recognize text in audio files, and today i found a openai project called whisper and it's stunned me , everything work perfect especially it's can run in local, so i didn't need to afraid the expense of online service fee.

1226 recover from covid

I got fever at 21/12 then the test result show that I got COVID-19, It's not very unconfortable at first 2 days, the 3 to 4 day is the hardest , I'm very weak just want stay at bed. at the fifth day i still got little fever so i had goes to the hospital, but everything is fine. now is the sixth day , I'm totaly ok now.

the things happened at these days, changed me some mind, so i want to take a time to replan my plan.

I also spend many time on meanless things and sometimes disappointed, so next phase I will be more focus on my own things.

About the work, did i want back to work now ? No, I think not, i don't want waste time on work , especially after these pandemic days. I need money to raise my family, this idea goes more strongly after these days, but not from work, work is not real stable and uncontinueable for me. I need to provide service directly to people to earn money, time is crucial, be faster!

1216 Hacker spirit

date: 2022-12-16 13:55

Just see Tombkeeper share how to get the drugs for treat COIVD-19, the Hacker Spirit comes out from my mind, hacker spirit is about to discover, find the detail, connect the slight connections, then things dramatically get done.

Everything looks like normal in appearence, but the underneath hide so much things, only if you get more more informations, you can see the whole picture, then you are the GOD. i remember the time that i finally get the control access of NET CAFE, the time i finally make the application works to help me to play games. the time that i earned money to buy the computer by help the ZYK fans votes.

I like the TA-DA times, when i going to work, i leave this way far more, for earn money, working as normal, as a part make company, bussiness work and grow. that's work, but just work.

I want to do the thing that I can control, the thing that I can change ,the thing that I'm the GOD of it, not only a expert, not only professional, that's need me know the damn detail, damn information, that's need me live in a way of hacker.

Hacker is essential boring , boring in the 99% time, you need to do the damn boring thing such as learn the knownledge, practice, build solutions, improve the solutions, nobody care, nobody buy it, everybody will buy the 1%, but only you know where the 1% comes form.

1215 If you are tired

date: 2022-12-15 16:20

If you are tired, you'd better to get a rest, a nap, close your eyes, think about nothing, let it go, that's will be very helpful. after a nap, your energy will back immediately.

If you struggle to hold on, that's maybe will let you finish some works, but that's unsustainable. it will be harder and harder , then get you down. it waste more times.

1212 The way to ease anxiety

date: 2022-12-12 23:11

First is sport, regular sport can let you more peaceable, let you believe that you can easily control your body, worth noting that you need find a right way to take sport, wrong sport way can make you tired, hurt, and frustrated. you need get the knowledge of how to warm up, how to relax muscle, how to monitor your body, how to drink etc... It's definitly a serious thing.

Second is creating, write thoughts, share knownledge, provide service, everthing thats make you produce ideas, speak out your worries to friends is also helpful. somethings it's not need to be that formal, just start is success 80%. Your goal, intrests is come from those normal little things.

2022-12-11 about the blog's multi-language support

date: 2022-12-11 01:03

I think mix english and chinese content is not friendly for reading, so i'm consider how to support multi-language. but it will after i finish my IELTS. there will be a big architecute refactor of ValidSpace.

2022-12-11 some thoughts update:

date: 2022-12-11 00:13

How to win the fight with the big company: big company will focus on their own solutions, the solutions will go very deep, their technology is fancy, but not focus on the real problems, it will be competitive in the field like universal platform, underlayer service , but because the jumbo size they are not really sensitive to particular customer needs, so the service that directly fulfill the particular needs (not universal solutions) will gets more opportunity to survival.

What I'm lack now: that's a critical question that i need to answer, first I'm get many distract, and I'm lacks the experience of long time schedule and get big project done, in past serval month the excercise, english, programmer get some progress, but i still need to clear how reach the future, how to clear the final goal and the pathway, that's a big topic, so i will open a single topic to talk about that.

buffer is important: why people need use their all time to work, study, or do someting, or if not do that They usually will be considered as not hard working, but everything has it's own pathway, if we want achieve the goal, we need to find and follow the logic, not how much hard work. like running, jogging, you need to know how to be healthy excercise, how to adjust when if you failed your plan, and then is keep the routine, you can't short the time to achieve the idea cardiorespiratory capacity, your body, muscle need time to grow up. so don't push you too hard , keep you on the track and move , it is not important that how slow the progress is, if only you can satisfied with the advancement.

when we plan to do something, there will definitely be wrong, unpredictable thing waiting us, if you have much buffer, it is easy to adjust your rhythm and accomplish the plan, when we literally accomplished our plan, then we will get more buffer time to set and finish our goal, not struggle in single circle. like (hard excercise=> hurt or tired=> stop=>feel bad=>hard excercise, or work hard to earn money => tired but not competitive => less opportunity => work more hard).

fly, fly, fly, fly

date: 2022-12-07 19:26

fly to home.

have a sweet dream. with sweet song, with sweet heart.

1205 summary

date: 2022-12-05 18:27

it's not easy day. i'm nearly crashed. when i do the listen and reading test , block of unknown questions get me anxious, feels very bad.

then i stop do test, watch youtube and do test again carefully, things going calm down, the score finally gets 6. it's more confidence now.

anyway, it's a productive day , i didn't spent much time in browser fragment informations, completed daily routine,

everything goes fine.

今天不容易。 我快崩溃了。 当我做听力和阅读测试时,一大堆未知的问题让我感到焦虑,感觉很糟糕。



Day 1 of Hangzhou eases COVID control 杭州放松管控的第一天

date: 2022-12-05 09:52

Today is the first day that Hangzhou eases the COVID control policy; now you don't need to get a PCR test every 3 days to get into the metro, buses, and other public places.

Even though your health code will still be checked, any other code that is not green will prevent you from entering a public place. But it's a big step that will reduce many influences on daily life. People are celebrating the lifting of restrictions.

When I got out this morning, the PCR test site was still open, and people were still going to do the PCR test. What surprised me was that most older people had worn masks; in the past, very few people had worn masks in open space. That's a good thing that older people pay attention to personal hygiene.

I didn't have my PCR test checked, and I didn't have to scan the SITE QR Code; I just had to show my healthy code, and then I was allowed to take the metro and go to the library. and I still need to take a mask to those places.

今天是杭州放宽疫情管控政策的第一天;现在您无需每 3 天进行一次核酸检测即可进入地铁、公共汽车和其他公共场所。




1203 Summary

date: 2022-12-03 20:05

I'm got districted morning, after afternoon's meditation , i start to control this, get put back on track, and finished the daily routine finally:

the score of IELTS still goes 5.5, listening score is 22, better than yesterday, the biggest problem in listening is i can's spell the word right. and the biggest problem of reading is unknown words. need to improve my words base soon.

Don't follow News

date: 2022-12-03 15:05

In meditation , i thought that follow news is meaning nothing. i spent so much time on it , visit twitter, weibo, v2ex just want to get some useful new informations, it's just a dopamine addiction, i use so much of time seeking for cheap dopamine.

honestly, surfing, seeking easy and cheap things is my biggest problem, sometimes, i can spent whole day, whole night to do those things. how can i change (or theat) it.

Maybe, likes all problems to be soleved, first, i need to define it, second i need to measure it, then i make solutions.

so , i need to open a thread to theat it.

here is the link:slan solve his problem of distracted


老实说,沉迷在简单又便宜的东西是我最大的问题,有时,我可以花一整天、一整夜去做这些事情事。 我该如何改变(或改变)它。


所以,我需要打开一个线程来处理它。这是链接:slan 解决他分心的问题


date: 2022-12-03 14:43

time is over, i'm still surfing....

try a meditation and back on track

走神走一天了,我要死了。 从现在开始冥想下然后尝试回到正轨 o(╥﹏╥)o


date: 2022-12-03 11:49

If you are in plight, then take care of yourself. If you are in a good condition, then help others.

just watched how Taiwan's Tech industry grow history, it's start with nothing, visionary likes 李国鼎,孙运璿 and so on, do so many works to grow the semiconductor economic, after decades Taiwannese companies account for 50% of world market.

And in china's history , the story of how Scholar mind the world, help the poor people is innumerable, in Chinese culture, people willing to with mission for make good things happen, willing to help each other. and if you don't have ability to help other, you can also be a good person, let yourself, your family to be better.

That's why i'm proud to be a chinese, even though hard time always coming, but family in your back, world in your front.





impress young people

date: 2022-12-03 01:13

Now is 1:00 AM, i just heard that beijing is relax the restrictions of covid-2019, that's give me a big suprise that youth is very different from us old man. they do what they want, say what i can't imagine, and !!!! IT'S WORKS!!!!, THANKS to all people that with good heart, good wishes, good purpose(include the GOV) together to make things going to fine.

北京放宽了covid-2019的管控,这让我很惊讶,年轻人和我们老年人很不一样。他们做他们想做的事,说我无法想象的话,而且 !!!!成功了!!!!,感谢所有怀着善意、美好愿望、良好目标(包括GOV)共同努力让事情变得美好的人们。

My last shares of Alibaba has cleared with price 91$

date: 2022-12-03

My last part of alibaba shares selled now with price 91, now i'm not hold any shares of Alibaba now, the price of the day i join the company is 180, but with not pity, i'm so happy my life didn't get influenced with the stock price, every thing goes fine in plan.


today's summary

date: 2022-12-02

Now is 6:14 PM. prepare to back home now, Honestly I feel tired now, i didn't sleep well at recent days, first is because i didn't schedule my routine well, and today i spented much time to surf news, but still feel satisfied that i complete :

keep moving , get quickly to recover!



2022-12-02 first IELTS practice test

I'm going to dead, that's my first IELTS reading practice test, it's got 5.5, my goal is 8, I'm alread dead..............


2022-12-02 about my snoring

I found that I was snored when sleeping(I use MI healthy App to record sleep and snore), especially when i got short sleep time, I have bad hadbit that some day sleep after 1:00 AM, if i sleep more than 7 hour , it probably will not snored that night.

The time that i first find i was snoring was at Shanghai lockdown, those day was tired and get sleep very very bad, some day only sleep 1-3 hours(cause need to work at night), i found everybody of my colleagues will snoring, and a colleague said i was snoring too, but not much time. so i think when people get tired , of sleep late, the body need more air immediately,so people will probably get snoring.



2022-12-01 Do you wanna build a snow man

It's snowing at Hangzhou, very happy play with Blue. she is very exciting that can get a snow fight.


2022-11-30 interview with Applovin

Today i got a interview with Applovin, The headHunter said it's seeking a devops leader , cause Applovin is a oversea company , so i got try this job , maybe it can support transfer, but things goes weird , i see the position at email is devops engineer not leader, and the question in interview is very basic:

first is a coding test, write a function to implement loadblancer,giving some ip with ranks, i calulate the probability with sum total ranks, and use random number to test is hit in this probability, but i get 30 min to implement this function, maybe takes too much time , I'm so poor of algorithm test.

and then is question of how dns work, tcp udp difference, and what middleware i had operate.

finally, they end the interview, i thinks there is some misunderstanding of the positon, they maybe only need a experienced ops, and the headhunter said they need a devops leader.

anyway, thanks this interview, get me to know how online algorithm coding test works, and i have much more work to improve my express.

今天有个Applovin面试,猎头说他们在找一个devops leader,因为applovin是海外公司,所以就试了下这个工作,说不定可以支持transfer,但后面就有点奇怪了,email上看到的职位是devops工程师不是团队负责人,面试的问题很基础:


然后是 dns 的工作原理、tcp udp 差异以及我运维过哪些中间件的问题。

最后,他们结束了面试,我认为这个职位有些误解,他们可能只需要一个有经验的ops,而猎头说他们需要一个devops leader。